Proposal Request

Management Proposal
Community Name
Community Address
Number of homes
How many years in business
How many management companies
Reason for change
Happy with contractors
Yes No
Services/Amenities that are included
Month Annual Meeting is held
Is budget in place
Yes No
Active Board in place
Yes No
How many past due accounts
Any owners in collections
Yes No
If so how many
Any current special assessments
Yes No
Upcoming projects in 1-2 years
Reserve Study has been conducted
Yes No
Years the community has been in place
Problems or concerns with community
Expected date to switch
Are you a board member
Yes No
What is your title
Your phone #
Is this a Condo community or POA
When was the last dues increase
How are dues paid, monthly, annual or quarterly
Do you currently have an ARC in place
Yes No
How many board members serve on your board
Are there currently any reserve accounts being funded
Do you maintain any storm water ponds
How often does the board normally meet each year
Of those meetings how many do you require the manger to attend
Would you prefer less meetings if so how many
Does the community have water or electrical bills they handle
Do you currently work with any Association attorney for your legal needs
Is the board looking for full servivce managment or certain services
What month is your budget required to be completed
Do you have a community handbook, FB account or website
Do you have an approved ARC application process